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Sportbility has officially launched in 2024. Get to know us and join our community!

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Our mission is to provide a supportive and inclusive community for people with disabilities to participate in sports and physical activities. We believe that sports can help build confidence, improve physical health, and companionship.



Our vision is to create a world where disability is not a barrier to participation in sports. We strive to promote inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity in sports, and to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their full potential through sports.

Meet the Sportbility Team

Passion, Dedicate, Perform

 The team at Sportbility is led by Olivia and Maddi, two experienced professionals in the disability sector, with 10+ years of experience between them. Founder Maddi Wilson, who recently retired from Essendon VFLW, is passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Maddi and Olivia have channeled their love for sports into creating opportunities for others to experience the joys and benefits that come from staying active and involved in a positive, environment  no matter their ability. 

"At Sportbility, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to participate in sports and embrace their abilities. We are committed to creating a world where disability is not a barrier to participation, and everyone can achieve their full potential through sports."

Join the Sportbility Community Today!

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